Rayco Pest Control


From fiddle back treatments to cockroaches, waterbugs, ants, mice, rats, ticks, fleas, CARPENTER ANTS and MANY other  pests, we have the services to fulfill your needs.  All technicians are certified by the state of Oklahoma.  We’re also licensed and insured for your family’s protection.

We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly, bi-annually, annually and one-time services. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of services to fit nearly any budget, therefore we ask that you please call for pricing. But you can visit the discounts and specials page for regular service pricing. Rayco does offer GUARANTEED services. ( please call for details)

Ask about our referral program and you can receive 10% off your next regular service.

We also have IPM services available.  IPM is defined by using the least amount of pesticide as possible by using other methods of control.  That’s right, “Green Pest Control!”

With Rayco Pest Control, you will “See the Difference.”

When our team comes out to do your service, you will get a full description of pests and harborages in and around your home. You will also be given detailed instructions of what repairs or sealing needs to be done for the treatment to work at its full potential. We use the best chemicals on the market including Termidor, Phantom, Maxforce, Advion, Catchmaster, Contrac, Fastrac, Talstar Pro, Premise 75  and many others.

For TERMITE treatments, we offer many different ways to protect your home against termites. From full convential treatments to TERMIDOR ep/li and PREMISE ep/ist treatments. We can work with you to determine the best way to protect your biggest investment, YOUR HOME.

For ant treatments, we use non-repellant chemicals which may take up to 30 days to eliminate colonies. We also incorporate baits when possible. Be patient and let the treatment work its magic. ( Most will see results immediately )

For most roach treatments, we use the bait system. It’s a great treatment that will typically resolve all minor to moderate infestations, without the use of sprays and in just one treatment. Follow-up treatments may be necessary, whereas some scenarios may require the use of non-repellant chemicals. A 3-month guarantee does apply to some roach treatments, depending on severity of the infestation.

For fiddleback / brown recluse treatments, we use odorless, non staining products. We accompany a thorough treatment with glue boards along baseboards. We treat all indoor rooms, garage, attic and outdoor perimeter. Along with the outdoor perimeter, we treat the eaves, window sills, along the fence and for smaller yards we spray the whole yard. Before we leave we remove and destroy as many eggs and webs as possible.

For general pest control treatments, we use odorless, non staining products. We treat all rooms indoors, garage, attic and you get the ” 12 feet of pest protection “.  The ” 12 feet of pest protection ” is our outdoor perimeter treatment starting from the base of your home extending 12 feet out all the way around your home. Also outdoors we treat the eaves, window sills, along the fence line and for smaller yards we spray the whole yard. Before we leave we remove as many webs, spider eggs and wasp nests as possible.

Rayco offers pest control and exterminating services for many pests including but not limited to SPIDERS, ants, fiddleback / brown recluse spiders, cockroaches,  fleas, ticks, CARPENTER ANTS, black widow spiders, indian meal moths, mice, rats, CARPENTER BEES, cicada killers, fire ants  and MANY others.